The wind turbine plant in the city of Da’an in the province of Jilin will produce Gamesa G8X 2 MW wind turbines. Once it commences operation in 2011, Gamesa’s total annual wind turbine manufacturing capacity in China will reach 1.5 GW.

“Gamesa is one of the main investors in the wind power industry in China. The groundbreaking on our new facility strengthens Gamesa’s global position and it represents a great opportunity to keep involving in the China wind industry expansion and serving our clients in the province that the Government has targeted to have the highest wind power capacity in all of China,” says Jorge Calvet, Chairman of Gamesa.

Gamesa says it has a wind farm project pipeline of 2.4 GW at varying stages of development in China at the moment.

It has signed agreements with local companies to jointly develop wind farms with a total capacity of over 700 MW in China.

The Asian wind power market

China almost doubled its installed wind capacity from 12.1 GW to 25.1 GW in 2009. The Chinese Government’s next five year plan is predicted to strengthen the call for renewable energy with a new target of 15% renewable energy by 2020.

India saw 1270 MW of new installed capacity, and together with Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, it made Asia the largest wind energy market in 2009 with over 14 GW of new capacity, Gamesa says.