ACG reports that its prepregs are used in an ever-increasing variety of defence applications. These range from ballistic and blast protection systems in armoured vehicles, to structural components for vehicle, naval and aerospace applications, including UAVs, radomes and communication dishes.

Advanced composite materials are also used in lightweight helmets and body armour for soldiers.

To demonstrate its expertise in vehicle and body armour applications, ACG will exhibit a number of shot panels manufactured using a hot press moulding technique with ACG’s S2-Glass® reinforced MTM®82 phenolic resin and MTM®248S epoxy resin prepregs. These panels can be moulded to shape to manufacture spall liners which match the contours of the vehicle interior, thus increasing the protected area while reducing overall component weight.

ACG says these materials are currently in full-scale production and ballistics protection parts have now been supplied for fitment to an in-service fleet of vehicles.

ACG will also demonstrate how some of these materials can be used in structural blast applications by simply changing the processing technique.

Advanced Composites Group Ltd (ACG) is part of Umeco Composites Structural Materials (UCSM), a division of Umeco plc.

DSEi 2011 takes place at the ExCeL Centre in London, UK, on 13-16 September.