MTM57 prepregs feature good impact resistance, a minimum cure time of 30 minutes at 120°C (plus optional lower temperature cures), versatile processing (autoclave, vacuum bag or press moulding), and good tack and drape. The prepregs can be used at temperatures up to 90°C.
Magma Composites of Olesa De Montserrat, Spain, and SEAT’s Sport facilities used the MTM57 prepregs to manufacture a range of composite carbon fibre components minimising weight and resulting in improvements in performance and handling.
Components made with MTM57 prepregs include: bumpers, door panels, spoilers, console, rear view mirrors and some protective parts in the engine bay. The parts were manufactured using oven/autoclave processing.
SEAT won both the Drivers’ and the Manufacturers’ world champion titles in Macau, China, in November. According to ACG of Heanor, UK, its MTM57 prepregs used across the championship cars, “played a vital role in the victories.”