Researchers from Cranfield University in the UK will be part of a £19.2 million aircraft design integration project. 

The Advanced Product Concept Analysis Environment project (APROCONE) is intended to develop a collaborative design environment and associated methodologies that will enable complex aircraft components to be designed quickly in an integrated design environment, speeding up the design and testing processes.

The Cranfield University team under principle investigator Professor Marin Guenov has been awarded £1.3 million for their part in this three-year project. The team leads research in advanced tools and methods for integrated product development.

APROCONE will make use of AirCADia-Explorer, software developed by Cranfield University, which allows the rapid design, analysis, comparison and development of aircraft components.

‘This project builds on previous research into the design and assessment of future aircraft configurations and our expertise using modelling and simulation for aircraft design,’ said Professor Guenov, Head of Centre for Aeronautics.

APROCONE is being jointly funded by industry and the UK government under the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI).  The project is being led by Airbus and other collaborating organisations including the Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS), GKN Aerospace, MSC Software, Rolls-Royce and the University of Cambridge.

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