By Isabella Kaminski

JCNE now has the right to manufacture, market and sell AMSC's Windtec 2 MW, 3 MW and 5 MW full conversion wind turbines as well as a 3 MW SuperGEAR model. It will also purchase electrical control systems and core electrical components for each of the wind turbines covered under these licenses exclusively from AMSC.

AMSC will receive upfront license fees for these wind turbine designs.

Greg Yurek, founder and CEO of AMSC, says: “The Chinese wind energy market is expected to continue growing strongly over at least the next decade and remains a core focus for AMSC. JCNE has generated early momentum in the wind industry, and we believe they are well positioned to play a much more prominent role in the years ahead with our AMSC Windtec turbine designs, extensive customer support, and best-in-class power electronics and controls."

JCNE is a subsidiary of state-owned Beijing JINGCHENG Machinery Electric Holding Company. It is a “new energy enterprise” focused on wind farm investment, construction and operation as well as advanced wind turbine manufacturing, and has been producing wind turbines since 2006. It now has a base of operations that is capable of producing 2,000 MW annually.

Tian Dongqiang, general manager of JNCE, says: “We have achieved initial successes in the wind industry in China with an early turbine design and are now upgrading our wind turbine product line through our new partnership with AMSC. In doing so, we plan to accomplish our mission of becoming one of China’s largest and most respected wind turbine manufacturers.”