The AMT II team leader will be Paul W. Pendorf, President of AMT II. AMT II Corporation is a private investment and management firm that acquires companies in the aerospace and speciality chemical sector with emphasis on carbon fibre composites and related technologies.

The Douglass Aerospace team leader will be the Honorable John W. Douglass. A retired USAF Brigadier General, former Assistant Secretary of the US Navy, senior staff member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and Director of Defense Programs on the National Security Council at the White House, Douglass is an expert on systems acquisition. He is the immediate past President and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association.

The partnership will be headquartered in AMT’s Washington, DC, office headed by Donald E. Ellison, Vice President.

“We look forward to a successful association that will offer real value in helping to grow an industry that is rapidly evolving technologically, while weathering uncertain financial times due to the worldwide recession and unsettled political situations,” says John Douglass.