Using 30 Suzlon 2.1 MW widn turbines, the project was developed and is operated by Iberdrola Renewables. The wind farm sits on a combination of private, state and federal lands in Navajo County, and the annual power output will meet the demands of 15,000 customers of Salt River Project.

“The successful completion of this vital project reflects the concerns we all share - nationally, regionally and locally - about the critical energy challenges facing communities across the United States," says US Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar. “The partnership that built Arizona's first commercial-scale wind energy project demonstrates a common desire to reduce our dangerous dependence on foreign oil by using our domestic renewable resources to meet a larger share of our energy needs. This strategy will also help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions to address climate change, while creating green jobs around the nation.”

The $100 million wind farm covers 6000 acres but only 2% of total acreage is used by the wind turbines, leaving the majority of land for cattle grazing.