Connecting architects, builders and designers with composite building material solutions is the focus of an Ashland Performance Materials presentation at the upcoming Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) Thermosets Division Topical Conference in Chicago, on 7-8 April.

“Architects and designers are looking for alternative materials and, as a result, are becoming more receptive to using composite materials in construction,” says Bob Moffit, product manager, Ashland Performance Materials.

Moffit’s presentation will discuss, a website sponsored by Ashland which is designed to educate visitors about composite building materials. It also provides details of composite companies with products for the building market.

“We are building and promoting this tool to help bring residential and commercial building professionals together with the composites community,” Moffit explains.

Ashland Performance Materials is a global producer of unsaturated polyester resins and epoxy vinyl ester resins.