"Becoming AS9100 certified reflects Automated Dynamics' commitment to continuous improvement and marks the culmination of our effort to facilitate advanced aerospace production activities," reports Robert J. Langone, president of Automated Dynamics.

According to Langone, Automated Dynamics' growth after forming in 1984 has largely been attributable to work performed for the aerospace industry and the development of patented automated robotic winding (ROWS) and automated fibre placement (AFP) technologies for the manufacture of advanced composite structures.

"This certification certainly allows us to strengthen our presence in the aerospace market, but from a broader point of view, the AS9100 certification is about quality management, promoting better business practices and empowering our employees to implement solutions that will make us better today than we were yesterday," he adds. "Things that will benefit all of our clients-regardless of market."

The industry-wide AS9100 standard was established in 1999 by the Society of Automotive Engineers and the European Association of Aerospace Industries. It is the standard by which thousands of suppliers in the aerospace industry are held.