Barrday Advanced Material Solutions is reorganising into three operating divisions.
Barrday Advanced Material Solutions is reorganising into three operating divisions.

The new structure is designed to help the company focus more efficiently on supporting its targeted customers’ needs.

Terry Butryn has been named president of Barrday Advanced Material Solutions, the parent company.

Lewcott Corporation will be changing its name to Barrday Composite Solutions. Composite Solutions supplies high performance structural and interior materials for aircraft, marine and rail, ablatives, carbon/carbon, radomes, antennae, and a variety of industrial and commercial markets.

The headquarters for the Composite Solutions business unit will remain in Millbury, Massachusetts, USA. Michael Buck has been named president of the Composite Solutions business unit.

Barrday Advanced Material Solutions and the Protective Solutions business unit will be headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Protective Solutions supplies advanced ballistic materials for body armour, helmets, vehicle armour, plates, and stab/spike protection.

Tony Fiorenzini has been named president of the Protective Solutions business unit.

The third business unit, Barrday Energy Solutions, supplies a broad range of core materials, coatings, resins, and sealants materials to the wind, solar, and tidal markets.

In a dual role, Terry Butryn will serve as the interim president of the Energy Solutions business unit.

“The new organisation is designed to ensure that our targeted industries and customers receive our undiluted attention and effort," says Michael Buckstein, Owner and CEO of Barrday Inc. "It also helps us better integrate Lewcott Corporation and meet our diversification goals."

"Barrday has a suite of advanced materials and processing technologies from technical fabrics, to advanced prepregs and coatings, to innovative new core materials. We want to focus on those capabilities to help solve technical challenges within our three major targeted markets.”