By Renewable Energy Focus staff

Belwind says it plans to make a part of its Phase 2 site on the Bligh sand bank available for the development of a test site for the latest 6 MW+ offshore wind turbines. Alstom and Vestas have already joined in the proposed NER3000 scheme.

Installing the prototype offshore wind turbines in close proximity of each other and combining them with a park of already existing earlier generation turbines, will provide realistic comparisons between the different technologies.

Frank Coenen, CEO of Belwind NV, says: “We know that we have the extensive knowledge and the experience in this field to make our Belgian experience add value to European initiatives beyond our borders, and we are keen to play that role fully. The excellent reputations of our long-standing partners, Alstom and Vestas, further enhance our innovative potential. Our team of superbly qualified engineers from across the globe has become our most valued export product. If approved, the NER300 funded project will offer the ideal platform for us to further grow this knowledge leadership”.

NER300 is an EU instrument designed to fund the demonstration of renewable energy technology and carbon capture and storage (CCS).