VISTAGY Inc's FiberSIM software will help meet the delivery schedule for Bombardier's new 110- and 130-seat CSeries jetliners and the Learjet 85 business jet, both of which use large amounts of composite materials.

Bombardier (Toronto Stock Exchange: BBD.B), the world’s third largest civil aircraft manufacturer, is streamlining its global supply chain and integrating distributed processes by standardising the entire composites development process for both aircraft programmes on FiberSIM.

VISTAGY, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, has already with Bombardier on the CRJ700 and CRJ1000 aircraft programmes.

“After a comprehensive evaluation, VISTAGY’s thorough understanding of our business and design challenges, its proven software, and world-class consulting and support services were key drivers in our decision to partner with them,” says Tim Ambridge, a director of design engineering at Bombardier Aerospace. “FiberSIM enables us to solve complex engineering issues early in the design phase, and in some cases, we wouldn’t have been able to design certain key parts without it. VISTAGY’s world-class knowledge and expertise in developing composite products will be instrumental in contributing to the success of the development of Bombardier composite methodology.”