BP says Green Infra Limited has purchased its subsidiary, BP Energy India Private Limited (BPEIPL), which owns and operates three windfarms in India with a total generating capacity of approximately 100 MW

Green Infra Limited is an independent power producer owned by funds managed by India’s infrastructure-focussed private equity company, IDFC Private Equity.

Following a strategic review in 2008, BP decided to concentrate its global wind development activities on the portfolio of onshore wind development projects and opportunities that it had built up across the USA.

Over the past three years, BP has built a wind business in the USA with interests in over 1000 MW of installed gross wind power generating capacity and more than 1000 MW gross capacity at an advanced stage of development. In total, BP’s US wind energy portfolio contains almost 100 projects, with a total potential generating capacity of up to 20,000 MW.

BPEIPL has three windfarms in India: a 40 MW capacity windfarm at Dhule, Maharashtra, which began operations in the third quarter of 2007; a 36.3 MW windfarm at Bharmasagara and a 23.1 MW windfarm at Telagi, both in Karnataka, commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009, respectively.