The Oracle Team USA in action in the America's Cup.
The Oracle Team USA in action in the America's Cup.

Swedish company Oxeon is a preferred supplier to the team of TeXtreme® spread tow carbon fibre reinforcements and has contributed to weight savings and improved mechanical performance on selected composite parts.

We are extremely happy to see Oracle Team USA winning this prestigious title and are glad for whatever part TeXtreme has had in this success.

Alongside victories in Formula 1, Tour de France and Stanley Cup we are very proud to add Americas Cup to that list of achievements made by TeXtreme users.

Andreas Martsman, vice-president - Marketing & Sales, Oxeon

TeXtreme is an optimised premium carbon fibre reinforcement used in applications needing weight savings and high performance. The fabrics are produced by spreading carbon fibre yarns into thin unidirectional (UD) tapes that are used to weave a fabric.

The AC72 catamarans used in the 34th America's Cup races can reach speeds on about 46 knots, which equals 75 kph/46 mph. The weight of an AC72 wing is the same as a small car, but it is 26 times the height with its 40 m/131.2 ft.

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