Chemlease CPR has been available in North America for over a year and is reported to have performed well in field trials in Europe.

Chemlease CPR semi-permanent release agent  is designed to prevent or reduce pre-release of composite parts from a mould. It is also said to provide excellent release once the moulded product has cured.

Chemlease CPR is designed for customers manufacturing larger, fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) parts in the marine and other markets. Chem-Trend claims that Chemlease CPR effectively reduces the concern of pre-release in using a semi-permanent agent, and results in significant savings in material costs, labour and potential part scrap.

Chem-Trend, headquartered in Howell, Michigan, USA,  is a global manufacturer of release agents and other process chemical specialities for the composite, die casting, rotational moulding, rubber, polyurethane, tyre, and thermoplastic industries.