DIAB, a manufacturer of core materials for use in sandwich composite structures, has won a contract from Premier Composite Technologies to supply core materials for the sandwich composite cladding, which will comprise carbon/glass/epoxy skins over a Divinycell P thermoplastic core material. This will be covered in Italian mosaic tiles of which 13 000 m2 will be gold tiles.

The tower will feature the world’s largest clock; two of the four faces of the clock will measure 43 m in diameter. The clock faces will also be built using sandwich composites based on Divinycell P core. More than 600 000 LEDs will be integrated into the sandwich laminates in order to light up the clock faces at night.

Carbon/epoxy composites are also being used to construct the hands of the clock, which are up to 23 m long. These will also be lit with LEDs.

Over 8000 m2 of Premier Composite Technologies’ recently-expanded production facilities in Dubai, UAE, has been dedicated to the production of the cladding. There will be 250 people involved in the production and tiling of Dokkae Tower when it is fully up and running.