The Predator C Avenger UAS.
The Predator C Avenger UAS.

CHI, part of Hampson Aerospace, has worked closely with GA-ASI engineers to develop a final product that has shown excellent performance and durability.

"We are proud that General Atomics Aeronautical Systems has found our work to meet its requirements to the degree that the company is entrusting us to work on multiple projects for Predator C Avenger," says Jeff Hynes, president of CHI, California, USA. "Our capability to produce cost-effective carbon composite products, such as those used in our work for GA-ASI is unmatched."

GA-ASI is a manufacturer of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), tactical reconnaissance radars, and surveillance systems. The high-speed, multi-mission Avenger is a long-endurance, medium-to-high-altitude UAS that can perform wide-area surveillance, time-sensitive strike missions over land or sea, and a host of other military missions.

Composite components and structures manufactured by Hampson Aerospace are being used in many aerospace programmes, including the B787, JSF, F-18, C-17, A350, and Predator C Avenger UAS.

Established in 1974 CHI is a composite product and composite tooling supplier for aircraft and aircraft engine manufacturing, space components, and medical diagnostic equipment.