The Haysite Reinforced Plastics composite panel.
The Haysite Reinforced Plastics composite panel.

Dura-Core 1000 is a compression moulded composite panel combining high strength glass fibre reinforced plastic laminate skins with a lightweight thermoplastic foam core material. Haysite Reinforced Plastics expects it to find applications in the transit rail market, as well as in non-rail markets including school/commuter buses, recreational vehicles, utility vehicles, golf carts, fleet trucking, and airport ramps.

Fire performance

To address the transit industry’s concern over flame/smoke generation and smoke toxicity, Dura-Core 1000 has been tested using the following ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) methods and
is reported to have provided excellent results:

  • ASTM E-162: Surface Flammability of Materials Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source;
  • ASTM E-662: Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by Solid Materials;
  • BSS 7239: Toxic Gas Generation by Materials on Combustion.

The product’s proprietary composite skins are comprised of a flame retardant fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) material which meets the NYCTA (New York City Transit Authority) specification 64 for low FST and stringent mechanical properties.

Dura-Core 1000 is also designed to meet testing qualifications for new and retrofit applications for the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART), Bombardier, and Kawasaki. Haysite will be promoting the product internationally where most US testing is currently accepted.

Lower weight

Haysite Reinforced Plastics reports that whereas traditional plymetal flooring material is comprised of wood and metal weighing approximately 3.5 lbs/ft2, Dura-Core 1000’s weighs 2.5 lbs/ft2. This weight reduction, coupled with Haysite’s compression moulding process, offers energy savings and cost efficiencies versus plymetal configurations.

Compression moulding process

Dura-Core 1000 is compression moulded in a sandwich construction to ensure against any separation / delamination failure. The composite system’s physical properties also offer excellent corrosion and chemical resistance, providing very low moisture absorption and excellent resistance to a variety of harsh weather environments.

Haysite implements a moulding process that saves time in production as all processing elements are completed in a one-step proprietary method.

The process also provides the flexibility to manipulate the composite if necessary for custom applications. For rail car designers, this provides the ability to strengthen the composite sheet in specific areas (interior/exterior) to meet higher design and mechanical requirements. Examples of this would include fibreglass ‘close-outs’ on the edges or sides of the panel, as well as horizontal/vertical cut strips that can be fabricated into the moulding to accommodate bolts, poles, stanchions, etc.

Haysite is also exploring processing options that will incorporate decorative, durable, and skid-resistant finishes on the panels to provide rail car designers with an entirely finished floor solution. This would eliminate the need for costly secondary installations for carpet, rubber mat, linoleum top covers, etc.

The size and thickness of Dura-Core 1000 composite flooring panels can be varied based on customers’ requirements. 

Haysite Reinforced Plastics, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, manufactures a broad product line ranging from laminated sheet, custom moulded parts, pultruded shapes and moulding compounds.