Vestas Sailrocket. Click for enlarged version.
Vestas Sailrocket. Click for enlarged version.

Gurit of Watwill, Switzerland, supported the build of the Vestas SailRocket, and the craft includes a range of Gurit composite materials such as SE 84LV epoxy prepreg, SA 80 adhesive films, SP 345 adhesive, SP 320 and Ultravar 2000 clear protective coating systems.

The craft attained an average speed of 47.36 knots over a 500 m record course in Namibia. Wind speeds averaged only 22.6 knots, but the SailRocket reached peak speeds of 52.22 knots.

SE 84LV is a versatile hot-melt, epoxy. The toughened system is said to offer excellent mechanical properties and the low viscosity system is used with heavy fibre weights in low-flow processing conditions such as vacuum bag pressure and minimum cure temperature. It is widely used in sandwich structures with honeycomb, foam and balsa cores.

The SA 80 adhesive film is a toughened epoxy film on a glass carrier with good tack and drape characteristics. It offers consistent bond-line thickness and weight, high strain to failure, high toughness, handling convenience, and controlled flow. It is designed for bonding prepreg skins to honeycomb and certain foam cores.

Spabond 345 (SP 345) is a toughened, high performance adhesive system for bonding large structures where substrate surfaces have uneven geometry.

The solvent-free, clear epoxy coating SP 320 provides a high clarity, tough finish. It may be used with wood and lightweight glass reinforcement. Although designed as a coating, it can also be mixed with the SP Filler range to produce filling compounds, adhesives and fillet mixes. Ultravar 2000 is a two-pack polyurethane varnish.