The company, which is based in Bristol, Virginia, USA, says the DURAGRID® 1” R-7300 can span 36 inches (≈91.4 cm) with a load of 100 psf and a deflection of less than a quarter of an inch (≈63.5 mm).

It is half the weight of its steel equivalent, which eases installation handling and reduces shipment costs, and it provides savings on labour and maintenance costs. The non-skid surface provides safety for workers, and furthermore, the grating has low electrical and thermal conductivity.

The rectangular bar shapes, which are said to be better suited in applications exposed to wave uplifts or when all surfaces of the bars need to be kept clean, have a similar appearance to a steel bar grating.

This combined with a bearing bar spacing the same as a standard steel grating means DURAGRID can replace many of its steel counterparts.