The new group, led by Steve Stone, Vice President, High Performance Industrial Materials, provides an opportunity to leverage the technologies of the Cytec portfolio across multiple industrial markets, such as wind, alternative energy, construction, marine and high performance automotive.

Cytec Engineered Materials' portfolio includes prepregs, resin infusion products, adhesives and gel-coats/top coats.

"Customer needs and technology are bridging the aerospace and industrial segments," says Stone. "There is an increased use of composites and adhesives in both markets and increasing demands for technology and
higher performance."

"We decided to take advantage of the unique industrial technologies that exist across Cytec and combine them into an integrated platform that can service the industrial market," Stone adds. "We feel our technologies and focus will allow us to bring value to the customers in the industrial market."

Cytec Engineered Materials is a business unit of Cytec Industries Inc and is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, USA.