The PRISM EP2400 system uses a proprietary combination of toughening technologies in a resin designed for enhanced processability. The result is said to be a wide processing window, extended stable pot-life, superior flow behaviour and a high degree of mechanical toughness.

The resin is compatible with all major infusion processes, can be used with any type of textile configuration and can also be processed out-of-autoclave.

Cytec says that PRISM EP2400 resin simplifies manufacturing processes, reducing quality concerns, and enables design of large complex integrated structures that reduce part count and save weight.

PRISM EP2400’s high mechanical toughness meets aerospace performance requirements for primary structure applications including bulkheads, fuselage and window frames, integrated wing box structures and engine cases. Cytec offers a range of complementary products including binder coatings, low resin content films and tackifiers.

PRISM EP2400 was launched at the 2010 JEC Composites Show in April.

Cytec Engineered Materials, headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, USA, is a business unit of Cytec Industries Inc (NYSE: CYT).