Saertex says that it is supporting a project focusing on developing joining technology in the maritime industry.

According to the company, the HyFiVE (Hybrid joining technologies for connections in maritime use) research project includes five industrial companies and three scientific institutions.
‘Lightweight construction, as a key technology for sustainable transportation solutions, is difficult to establish in shipbuilding due to inadequate joining technologies between fiber composite materials and steel,’ Saertex said. ‘Another complicating factor are the high fire protection requirements and the lack of standards for the use of fiber composite materials for ships at sea.’

Plans are for HyFiVE to evaluate better adhesive-free joining technologies for different applications in shipbuilding and to develop new processes and methods. Saertex says that it is providing material and engineering in the field of fire protection, specifically its coated fabric and SAERfoam 3D-reinforced foam. The company’s Leo coated fabric features an active fire retardant covering layer and is based on a specially equipped fabric, a suitable resin system in combination with a fire protection gel coat. SAERfoam, which can be adapted on the load cases, will be used as reinforcing core material, where the mechanical strength properties can be adjusted by selecting the amount and direction of glass bridges in thickness direction.

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