WindFiber could deliver value in:

  • Manufacturing the advanced composite structures for wind energy systems;
  • Servicing the composite components of wind energy systems as a composites Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) contractor to integrators and windfarm operators; and
  • supplying composites-related raw materials and material and technology innovations to the wind energy sector.

Sam Fairchild, Chief Executive Officer at Energy Composites Corporation of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, USA, says: “We believe that composites play an increasingly important role in driving financial success to windfarm development, and our integrated WindFiber approach will accelerate greater and more innovative use of composites in wind energy systems throughout North America. With WindFiber, we are upping the game”

Jamie Mancl, Energy Composites Corporation’s Founder and President, adds: “WindFiber includes our step-by-step rollout of our manufacturing programme for blades, nacelles, nose cones, rotor components and, eventually, towers, including the construction of our new 350,000 ft2 WindFiber blade manufacturing facility in Wisconsin Rapids. [See related story on the right.]

“It includes the introduction of our growing portfolio of composite-related material, manufacturing and technology innovations that reduce the installed and life-cycle costs of wind energy systems, make them significantly more efficient, extend their useful life, and reduce their impact on the environment.”