The joint venture will be based in Wisonsin Rapids, Wisconsin, USA.

SSP, a manufacturer of composite moulds, tools and components for the wind turbine industry, will offer customers aerodynamic and structural design for blades and moulds, production of prototype blades, and ramp-up of blade production based on the partnership with ECC.

ECC, a composites manufacturing company headquartered in Wisonsin Rapids, will manufacture blades based either on the customer’s own design or a blade design developed via the partnership with SSP.

The ECC / SSP joint venture will manufacture moulds and prefabricated root segments for both companies and their customers.

“As the turbine blades get larger, the need for intelligent and innovative blade design and blade production technologies grow, and with this partnership, both companies position themselves in the absolute lead among suppliers of both blade design and contractual blade manufacturing," says Søren Brouer, CEO of SSP. "This partnership allows us both to offer full range solutions to our global customers. “