The research was presented by Kevin Lambrych, global wind energy technology leader for Ashland Performance Materials, at the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) annual trade show in Las Vegas last month.

Cost and speed to completion were two advantages highlighted by the research.

“When you compare the economics of epoxy blades to epoxy vinyl ester blades in manufacturing, there is an opportunity for a typical manufacturer to save approximately 25-30% per blade,” claims Lambrych. “Derakane epoxy vinyl ester resin also cures much more quickly than straight epoxy.”

Lambrych also compared dynamic mechanical properties and found that epoxy vinyl ester resins fall within the requirements established by Germanischer Lloyd, the global organisation that has established performance standards for the wind energy industry.

In comparison performance tests, Ashland’s Derakane epoxy vinyl ester resin delivers equivalent strength characteristics to epoxy resin and reaches its final curing stage in one-third less time.

Ashland Performance Materials is a commercial unit of USA-headquartered Ashland Inc (NYSE: ASH).