The HIVOCOMP project partners are: VW; Daimler; Fiat Research Centre; Samsonite; K.U. Leuven; University of Leeds; University of Perugia; T.U. Munich; E.P.F. Lausanne; Fraunhofer ICT-A; Huntsman Polyurethanes; Airborne Composites; ESI Group; Benteler SGL; Propex Fabrics; and Bax & Willems Consulting.

HIVOCOMP (Advanced Materials enabling HIgh-VOlume road transport applications of lightweight structural COMPosite parts) will develop two material systems that show promise for cost-effective high-volume production of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) parts:

  • advanced polyurethane (PU) thermoset matrix materials; and
  • thermoplastic polypropylene (PP)-based and polyamide 6 (PA 6)-based self-reinforced polymer composites with continuous carbon fibre reinforcements.

The performance, production cost and recyclability of CFRP material systems will be tested and benchmarked to ensure the results reach cost, safety and environmental targets. Validated demonstrator parts will be produced in 2013.

The project will primarily focus on the passenger cars, including the hybrid and fully electric platforms now entering the market, but it has identified spin-off applications in other transport-related sectors as well.

The HIVOCOMP project last 4 years.