AOG’s composite Flowlines ready for shipment to a customer.
AOG’s composite Flowlines ready for shipment to a customer.

Evonik has invested in Airborne Oil & Gas (AOG), a Dutch company which makes composite pipes for oil and gas applications.

 The specialty chemicals group now holds a minority interest in (AOG).

AOG’s thermoplastic composite pipes avoid the use of steel entirely and are therefore not susceptible to corrosion. They have extremely high mechanical stability but are also flexible and lightweight. According to AOG, they can be made in lengths of up to 10 km, and installed relatively simply and cost effectively when compared to rigid steel lines that are are welded together from segments that are 10-20 m long.

Evonik is a market leader in the production of polyamide 12, marketed as Vestamid, which is suitable for use in pipes for oil and gas production. ‘Airborne Oil & Gas is an excellent strategic match for Evonik,’ said Bernhard Mohr, head of Venture Capital at Evonik. ‘Their unique pipe technology and Evonik's high performance polymer portfolio enable us to develop new solutions for the industry.’

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