The ‘2010 US Wind Industry Monitor’ says 72% of survey respondents identify the lack of financing as an ‘important’ or ‘very important’ obstacle to growth.

The lack of national energy policy was cited by 67% and 54% rated the lack of transmission as main obstacles to wind power.

The management consulting firm Droege & Company conducted the poll, to which 60 respondents from the wind industry responded.

Manufacturers and project developers are often affected by a lack of financing know-how and “it is imperative to cut the upfront wind energy unit cost (75%) and have innovative approaches” such as additional offerings that include financial models for clients, the report concludes.

Subsidy not needed for wind energy under right conditions

“Countries like New Zealand show that no subsidy is needed for the wind industry to be a competitive energy source, given the right resource and business models,” it adds. “Knowledge of strategic barriers is the first step in overcoming the lack of energy policy.”

The US wind energy industry is focused on the Midwest, West and Northeast, where most wind turbine manufacturers and wind farms are concentrated. Issues such as the lack of transmission have to be involved into project / business decisions, it recommends.

Despite the challenges, 70% of respondents forecast growth for their US business this year, with 83% optimistic for next year and 85% upbeat for 2012.

Generating heightened visibility among stakeholders is critically important for sparking growth in the mature wind industry market. Sales and marketing efforts (67%) were identified by participants as an ‘important’ or ‘very important’ strategic activity for 2010.

More aggressive sales and marketing efforts will dominate strategies for most respondents, with the most popular communications methods cited being e-mail promotions (72%) and editorial coverage in traditional news media (53%).