Formtech Managing Director Mark Preston calls the five month project “a potential game-changer" in the direction defence design strategy could be headed and believes it will showcase the versatility of composites to the defence industry.

The partnership provides Formtech, a UK manufacturer of carbon composite products, to capitalise on its Formula One and America's Cup experience.

"Outside of the worlds of motorsport and yacht racing there is skepticism whether composites can always deliver – particularly on weight and cost," reports Preston. "This project is the first step in fully pushing the boundaries in terms of what composites can be really applied to."

Formtech's ambition is to help provide manufacturing solutions for the defence sector.

"Formtech's strategy of composite design revolves around combining semi-automated processing methods and creative engineering – particularly in the areas of braiding and filament winding – to create a really unique, fully composite structure that achieves our three main targets: light weight, low cost and high quality," notes Chief Designer Martin Oughton.