The new FuturEnergy wind turbine.
The new FuturEnergy wind turbine.

FuturEnergy claims that the new turbine generates 50% more output at wind speeds of 6 m/s than any turbine on the market.

The efficiency of this turbine is the result of a FuturEnergy's carefully engineered blade design and development of processes to fabricate the blade with a highly uniform surface quality and thickness. According to Amber Composites, the guaranteed skin thickness possible with prepreg creates significant efficiency gains and decreases wear on the entire turbine.

FuturEnergy and Amber Composites worked together to create a process to manufacture these high-quality blades with less material and labour.

“Amber Composites really partnered with us, helping us at each step of the design and development of this blade," says Peter Osbourne, President of FuturEnergy. "Their composites knowledge complemented our design expertise, resulting in a very high-quality turbine with a 3-year payback period.” 

Amber Composites and FuturEnergy will be showcasing the blade at The Composites Engineering Show on 9-10 November in Birmingham, UK.