By Kari Williamson

For the first 9 months (9M) of 2011, Gamesa saw sales of €2015 billion, up 13% on the same period last year.

The EBIT amounted to €82bn (+13%) and net income climbed 20% to £30bn.

Gamesa says it saw notable growth in India and Latin America/Souther Cone (Brazil and Mexico), as well as in Eastern Europe. China and the US continue as strategic markets for the Spanish wind turbine manufacturer.

For 2012, Gamesa predicts sales to reach 3-3.5 GW.

Share of sales by market:

  • Europe (excl. Spain): 22%
  • China: 21%
  • India: 20%
  • Latin America/Souther Cone: 16%
  • US: 14%
  • Spain: 6%
  • ROW: 2%