Although the properties of unreinforced PEEK (polyether ether ketone) are very good at room temperature, they fall off dramatically above the material’s glass transition temperature (148°C). By adding glass reinforcement to its thin gauge TECAPEEK™ GF30 sheet, Ensinger/Penn Fibre has improved the material's properties at higher temperatures.

At 250°C, the modulus maintains 30% of its ambient stiffness at 435 kpsi, as well as about half its room temperature flexural strength (10 150 kpsi). The HDT is 315°C.

This addition of glass reinforcement to TECAPEEK GF 30 allows designers to take full advantage of the excellent heat aging properties in structural applications, says Ensinger/Penn Fibre. It may now be possible to manufacture structural thermoformed parts that can operate at 260°C continuous (100 k hours).

According to Ensinger/Penn Fibre, glass reinforced TECAPEEK GF30 could be used in a variety of components, including fuel cells, ducting, manifolds and canisters used in heavy trucks and buses, aircraft, trains, and marine applications.

Samples are available.