Grob Aerospace had filed for bankruptcy in autumn of 2008.

Founded by private investors in 2006, H3 Aerospace is a company operating in the aviation industry with a turnover in the one-digit million euro range.

“Our company’s stated objective is to develop and manufacture utility aircraft, i.e. light transport and liaison planes," explains Johann Heitzmann, CEO of H3 Aerospace, Germany. "For this reason, Grob Aircraft is a perfect fit for our activities.”

Grob Aerospace was a manufacturer of training aircraft. H3 Aerospace will be taking over around 100 employees in an existing company structure.

“Our intention with Grob Aircraft is to promote aircraft building in our market segment and to develop new business in the area of production and engineering services,” says Heitzmann.

“We intend investing between six and eight million euros in our new company over the next two years, mainly in order to develop new products in the field of aircraft construction,” adds Heitzmann.