High Modulus, a supplier of composites technology, materials and structural engineering solutions, says the benefits of the Hi-Panel include:

  • reduced build time;
  • reduced set-up costs and time;
  • reduced waste levels; and
  • improved quality control.

Standard Hi-Panels are made of an infused E-glass/polyester/foam core sandwich laminate, and come in two different foam densities and a range of thicknesses. Infusion has been chosen as the standard manufacturing method as it has been proven to offer a more consistent fibre wet-out compared with hand lay-up methods, leading to superior performance.

Custom panels are also available using polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy resins, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), balsa, PET or Nidaplast cores, and various fabric options.

Hi-Panels can be supplied as a B3 SmartPac ‘kits’. High Modulus converts the 2D or 3D component design into cut-files, then cuts the panels on CNC machines to the exact shapes required for the build. These are supplied to the customer with a comprehensive construction manual.

High Modulus is headquartered in New Zealand. Its four business areas offer customised solutions to composite manufacturers – materials supply, structural engineering design, technical support services and the B3 SmartPac solution.