High Modulus has to date been servicing its customers in the USA from its head office in Auckland, New Zealand.

"While US naval architects and boatyards already make up a part of our customer base, we are interested in making new contacts, both in and out of the marine sector,” says High Modulus CEO, Paul Goddard. “The composites industry is growing, and as a company we need to position ourselves to get involved in a wider variety of projects. Our heritage is in marine, but we also have experience in other areas such as renewable energy, construction and transportation. Now is the time to make these market sectors aware of what our composites experience and expertise can bring to their projects.”

James Anderson will lead High Modulus' US sales initiative. He has served as a senior engineer, team leader and finite element analysis (FEA) specialist at the High Modulus head office in New Zealand head office for over three years.

High Modulus also has offices in Australia, Asia and Europe.