A range of honeycomb material is being used to make parts by two automotive manufacturers in Mexico.

Fynotej, which licences EconCore material in the country, has reportedly secured two major contracts to supply 120,000 m2 of trunk load floors over two years. One contract is for a new, not yet launched project and the other is for a current, already in production platform, the company said.

According to EconCore, the material can help save fuel and reduce CO2. The product is typically made from 30% recycled content, making it a more sustainable and environmentally friendly product. In this automotive application, the honeycomb core panel is made from polypropylene (PP), and Fynotej uses a proprietary inline lamination process that can laminate panels with non-woven automotive carpets by thermofusion without using adhesives.

‘We know vehicle manufacturers, as they transition to electric and hybrid cars, see light-weighting as a critical area for development, to increase the range of these vehicles,’ said Fynotej’s Fabiola Carbajal, sales manager.

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