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Composites and F1:

  • an F1 car takes 5 months to design and develop;
  • manufacturing composites bodywork is a complex and labour-intensive process: from start to finish it can take 3 days to make a single component;
  • every part of the bodywork is carbon fibre, as is the suspension, the chassis, the driver's 'survival cell' and even the steering wheel, and the majority of teams are now using carbon fibre gearboxes.

Red Bull

Red Bull is currently top of the 2013 Team and Driver (Sebastian Vettel) leaderboards.

Its 2013 car, the RB 9, features a composite monocoque structure, designed and built in-house, and a Renault V8 engine.

Over 300 designers, aerodynamicists and machinists worked on the RB9.