IK4-CIDETEC says that the new facilities will enable research and development of new composites and nanocomposites that will offer improvements in areas such as processing times (fast curing systems), recycling, repair and reprocessability, as well as mechanical strength, thermal and electrical conductivity and surface functionality (anti-scratch, decoration, anti-adhesion, anti-freezing and anti-fouling, foor example).

This will be over the entire value chain of the product, starting from polymer synthesis all the way up to manufacturing and characterisation of the final component. IK4-CIDETEC adds that it will improve the company’s positions in demanding sectors such as transport (automotive, aerospace and rail), wind energy and construction.

The new facilities are fitted with all the necessary equipment to synthesise polymers and manufacture samples and prototypes of composite materials using industrial processes at a pilot plant scale. In the polymer synthesis area, IK4-CIDETEC has acquired a high-capacity reactor with maximum flexibility to control reaction parameters. This will enable the synthesis and functionalisation of a variety of polymers and the incorporation/dispersion of different types of fillers and additives in polymeric systems.

In processing, for example, the company has invested in a Resin Transfer Moulding unit (RTM), fitted with an injection equipment suitable for epoxy and polyurethane resins (bicomponent or monocomponent), among others, and a hot plate press. There has also been significant investment in test equipment.