The video-based measurement system is used to measure strain, displacement, rotation plus other important parameters in materials, civil engineering structures and complex assemblies while under test.

Imetrum says that v4.1 of the software offers new functionality based on user-feedback, an improved user interface and multiple language support. This latest version will be shipped with all new systems, while existing customers can easily upgrade to the new software by contacting Imetrum engineers. Upgrades are carried out remotely, so reducing downtime and avoiding the need for an engineer to visit the site, saving both time and money.

One of the major new features of the latest software is its new multi language platform, says the company. Software engineers have incorporated the ability to auto-translate test results into the native language of the recipient. With many global organisations using the Video Gauge in multiple sites worldwide, this feature means that any test carried out in English in the UK, for example, can be sent to the company HQ in France and the results and analysis are automatically displayed in French. This is a valuable saving in both time and money and eliminates any misunderstandings due to incorrect translation.

Other new capabilities include support for rotating video windows by multiples of 90 degrees to make it easier to operate with a camera mounted on its side, so enabling the user to take advantage of a higher image resolution and to help the operator start a new test quickly and efficiently, without having to remember to reset the input to zero, an automatic zeroing option for analogue inputs has been included. Initial position refinement for 3D targets has also been added together with an option to disable automatic play back of video when opening tests or switching modes. All additions in this new version of the software allow for quicker and more efficient tests, saving companies both time and money.

Imetrum’s Managing Director, John Brewster comments: “Video Gauge is aimed at a global market, so v4.1 now provides support for multiple languages. The French package is currently active and other languages will be rolled out over the next few months. All of the improvements found in v4.1 are the result of Imetrum’s on-going development programme aimed at significant and continual improvement of our systems. Our design engineers are constantly in touch with users of Video Gauge to get feedback on how we can improve the system to ensure that they get optimum performance and results.”