Imperium's Acoustocam ultrasound imaging cameras are currently used by companies such as Boeing for the non-destructive inspection (NDI) of composite materials.

Hypercoat is now promoting the Acoustocam to customers involved in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. It also plans to target the wind energy sector where the camera could be used to inspect composite wind turbine blades.

"Our company is expanding its reach globally, and alignment with a major distributor such as Hypercoat helps us penetrate deeper into one of the most important sectors, the aerospace and aircraft industries," says Bob Lasser, President and CEO of Imperium Inc, Beltsville, Maryland.

"Aircraft designers and manufacturers are increasingly looking into advanced composite materials to increase performance benefits on their aircraft, and they need every available, reliable tool to ensure that inspection and maintenance are performed to the highest standards," he says. "Our technology helps them achieve these goals."

"We look at every aspect of aircraft composite manufacturing and repair and align ourselves with well-established manufacturers who are leaders in their respective fields, and that is why we selected the Acoustocam from Imperium," reports Hassan Othman, General Manager of Hypercoat. "We have never had any technology like the Acoustocam in our portfolio – the simplicity of use and clear imaging of defects provided by the technology will facilitate our efforts with customers."