The demand for composite materials in the Indian wind energy industry has continued its growth momentum until 2011, reports Composite Insights of Hyderabad, India, but in 2012 the industry was affected by the withdrawal of two key government incentives.

During the six years 2007-2012, around 11,931 MW of new wind capacity was installed in India, and Composite Insights forecasts that during the next six years period (2013-2018) around 22,053 MW of new wind capacity will be installed, representing a 85% growth.

The company estimated that around US$805 million worth of composite materials were used during the past six year period (2007-2012), and during the next six years (2013-2018) the consumption of composite materials is expected to grow 96% to $1,576 (INR 8,350 Crores).

The report Indian Wind Energy Composites Industry 2013-2018: Trend, Forecast and Opportunity Analysis highlights the opportunities for composite materials in India's wind energy industry and provides current and future demand for various raw materials.