RedLeaf Homes Ltd (RHL), headquartered in Toronto, Canada, will distribute the ICI prefabricated homes and shelters primarily to mining operations, First Nations and other rural communities. RLH will maintain exclusivity subject to a minimum of US$5 million in annual revenue.

ICI, also headquartered in Toronto, manufactures the EcoScape™ modular homes, which are based on ICI's Structure Lite™ Panels. These composite panels are constructed from glass fibre reinforced polypropylene skins with honeycomb core.

"We strongly believe that our EcoScape modular homes provide the most cost effective and sustainable, quality housing for the northern and rural regions across Canada ," says ICI President and CEO Terry Ball.

ICI's EcoScape modular housing is the perfect solution for the harsh environment of rural Canada. From shipping to completion, we are saving time, money and energy every step of the way.
Andrew Libera, President, RedLeaf Homes Ltd

"Superior insulation, speed of assembly, rot and mould resistance and enhanced durability are attributes that are very important for this market. Our EcoScape system offers all that at a very reasonable price point. Leveraging RedLeaf's experience and established sales channels should allow us to gain a strong and positive presence in these communities across Canada. "

"We're focused on providing high-quality moderately priced housing solutions for northern and rural people in Canada," adds Andrew Libera, President of RedLeaf Homes Ltd.

"Today the market is served largely by out-of-date building solutions that result in a tremendous amount of environmental and monetary waste over the life of a home. These problems are magnified when you account for the location of many of these rural home sites."