IPG’s alternative energy team is dedicated to developing tapes and films based on the needs of alternative energy markets.

IPG offers a range of products developed specifically for use in the manufacturing of wind turbines. These products are used in blade and nacelle manufacturing; tower assembly; and hub, bearing and gearbox assembly. The company offers a high performance masking tape designed to meet the requirements of wind turbine blade manufacturers, and products in development include coextruded films for bagging applications and Teflon tapes for use during blade production.

Solar panel production also requires a variety of temporary component securing and protecting products, while IPG’s Engineered Coated Products Division provides AquaMaster™ membranes which are used to line ponds for growing algae, which is then harvested and converted into biofuel.

Intertape Polymer Group manufactures specialised polyolefin plastic and paper based packaging products and packaging systems for industrial and retail use. The company is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Florida, USA.