The site has been developed jointly by GL Garrad-Hassan, GEO (Gesellschaft für Energie und Oekologie GmbH) and Bürgerwindpark Janneby e.G.

Having received building approval the site will reportedly commence testing activities at the end of this year, marking the return of independent testing facilities to Schleswig-Holstein after operations ceased in the 1990’s.

Janneby has been designed for the assessment of new onshore wind turbine prototypes. The testing is an essential part of the assessment process enabling a new product to obtain certification. There are eight test beds on site, all of which meet IEC Class II wind condition classification. The average annual wind speed is 7.1m/s at a height of 100 metres, and the testing phase can last as long as five years for turbines of up to 150 metres in height.

Manufacturers using the testing site will have access to a range of GL Garrad Hassan services, including wind measurements, acoustics, power performance, load, power quality and low voltage ride through (LVRT) measurements. There are also plans to develop a site for LiDAR testing.

In a burgeoning industry, independent testing and measurement is key to increasing reliability, efficiency and performance of wind turbines and is crucial to optimisation of existing designs as well as future development.