Kaman Corporation’s subsidiary Kaman Aerospace Corporation says that its customer Lectern Aviation Supplies Co Ltd, based in Hong Kong, has formally accepted the first two production K-MAX aircraft built on Kaman’s re-opened production line. The aircraft are scheduled to be delivered to Guangdong Juxiang General Aviation Co Ltd, in China, which will operate the aircraft primarily for firefighting.

‘I am very proud to lead the team that has brought the K-MAX back into production,’ said Kaman AVMRO general manager Drake Klotzman. ‘From board approval to acceptance this was a two year process that could not have been accomplished without the tireless work of many dedicated people.’

K-MAX is currently in use worldwide for firefighting, logging and other missions requiring repetitive aerial lift capabilities. Development of the aircraft was led by Kaman founder and former CEO, aviation pioneer Charlie H Kaman, and received Federal Aviation Administration certification in 1994. The single-engine, single-seat K-MAX is a low-maintenance aircraft that features a counter-rotating rotor system and is suitable for external load operations and designed specifically for vertical reference flight.

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