The Aventador J 515 kW / 700 hp two-seater sports car.
The Aventador J 515 kW / 700 hp two-seater sports car.

The Lamborghini Aventador J does not have a roof or front windshield.

The technical basis for the Aventador J is the Aventador LP 700-4, Lamborghini’s new 12-cylinder model. Presented in 2011, the Aventador LP 700-4’s structure is based on a monocoque made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) that combines lightweight design with optimum stiffness and safety. 

Video clip

View the video of the Lamborghini Aventador J launch at the Geneva Motor Show.

In the Aventador J the monocoque has a largely new design, including the two safety bars behind the seats. The absence of a roof, of the large windshield, of the air conditioning system and of the navigation system takes it to an even lower weight.

Unlike traditional seats, in the Aventador J seats are made of Forged COMPOSITE®, with inserts of flexible carbon fibre fabrics.

In its first automotive application, this carbon fibre fabric, called 'Carbonskin', is made of woven carbon fibres soaked with an epoxy resin that stabilises the fiber structure and keeps the material soft. The carbon fibre mats fit perfectly to every shape. In the Aventador J, the complete cockpit and parts of the seats are clad in this material.

The engine cover has a new geometry (X shape) and is made of carbon fibre.

There is to be only one Lamborghini Aventador J car produced.