The new LAMILUX composite can be used to produce the face sheeting of the sandwich panels used for side walls of trucks.
The new LAMILUX composite can be used to produce the face sheeting of the sandwich panels used for side walls of trucks.
The LAMILUX continuous production system.
The LAMILUX continuous production system.

German company LAMILUX says its ability to manufacture 1-5 mm thick CFRP sheets and panels at an “attractive price,” using large-scale industrial production methods, makes the company unique.

LAMILUX has developed a new epoxy resin system for the composite. This ensures a solid bond between the carbon fibres and the matrix resin, resulting in a high-performance material with outstanding tensile strength.

“The matrix resin absorbs the applied forces and transfers them to the reinforcing high-strength carbon fibres,” explains Stefan Bachstein, Technical Manager at LAMILUX.

Compared with other materials used as face sheeting in the walls of truck bodies, for example, CFRP face sheeting is 30-50% lighter than face sheeting made of steel or aluminium and its tensile strength is three to four times higher, he reports.

During the continuous production process – using LAMILUX’s three highly automated production lines, each more than 100 m long – the carbon fibres can be worked into the material as a lattice or as plies with uni-, bi-, tri- or multi-directional fibre orientation. The fibre orientation is selected to suit the individual application.

The resulting composite can be used in the construction of vehicle bodies, trailers and electric vehicles, in the form of sandwich structures, for example. Over the last few months, a large German food company has been testing refrigerated trucks with trailers constructed using LAMILUX’s CFRP. In addition to low weight and high stability, the low thermal conductivity of the material also plays an important role here in ensuring optimum insulation of the trailer.

“Our material forms the face sheeting of the sandwich elements used for side walls,” says Stefan Bachstein.

During manufacture, the composite sheets for this application receive a sealing gel-coat, similar to a varnish coating.

“This protects the material from UV radiation, ensures excellent weather resistance and creates a superior glossy surface,” says Bachstein.

LAMILUX asserts that with its new LAMILUX CRFP, which is available in all RAL, NCS and customised shades, it offers a finished product that is ready for immediate use, is extremely stable and light, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.