Lantor's Soric is a core material and infusion medium in one. It  is a polyester nonwoven material with a pressure-resistant cell structure. The cells, which are separated by channels, contain synthetic microspheres. The pressure stable and flexible thin core can be used as an inter-laminar flow medium in vacuum assisted composites manufacturing processes.

In SORIC XXF the transportation channels are engineered to optimise resin flow with optimal wet out of the reinforcements used in the shell of the turbine blade. SORIC XXF is reported to be easy to handle and supports good impregnation of the reinforcements during the infusion process.

Because SORIC XXF is a combination of nonwoven polyester fibres and microspheres it will reduce the density and the resin consumption of the infusion layer. In combination with the engineered channel size, the consistent thickness improves the resin transport.

According to Lantor, the use of SORIC XXF in manufacture of blades by the infusion process that can lead to faster cycle times, resin savings that reduce material cost, and a possible weight reduction of up to 50% compared to the traditional solutions.