Danish company AB-Inventech specialises in equipment for automating production processes in various industries. Its expertise in handling of composite materials and production of wind turbine blades, including systems for loading material and off-loading cut pieces, complement French company Lectra's range of cutters and software for the industrial fabrics and composite materials markets. (Ealier this year, Lectra introduced a cutter designed for producing the long pieces of composite material used in turbine blade production.)

Through this agreement, Lectra and AB-Inventech can offer their joint customers an optimised production process solution yielding the best productivity.

"The agreement we have just sealed with AB-Inventech is the result of positive shared experiences implementing solutions specifically for the wind energy market," explains Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO. "Through the synergy of our products and our expertise, customers are assured a place at the forefront of this major growth market."

Lectra is listed on Euronext Paris.